North korea tour price – expensive or not?

North Korea in the previous years was a completely closed country to the world, so the information about this place was hardly known widely. However, in recent years, North Korea has an open-door policy for visitors to visit and this is also one of the unique tourist destinations you should explore. Here are the notes and experiences of North Korean travel necessary and complete, for your trip smoothly and smoothly.
North Korea and remember things
You can go to North Korea at any time of the year depending on your wishes, however, you should choose these national holidays to experience the bustling atmosphere and celebration of the people. here. Major holidays in the year such as Mid-Autumn Festival, International Labor Day, National Day all have big festivals that you can participate in. In particular, you should not ignore the Ariang Mass Game program in September to witness more than 1000 actors performing together in an extremely spectacular setting. 
You can go by self-sufficiency to travel to North Korea but because of the regulations of this place, there must be two guides from the state to escort tourists so if you go alone, you will have to spend more money.  The best way as well as the safest way to travel to North Korea is to take a tour, however, because Vietnam does not have any travel company to organize the trip here, you will have to contact other places like the UK, Sweden and China. In particular, China is home to many companies that organize the trip to Pyongyang. 
If you go on a tour, making a visa is quite easy, the travel company will take care of everything and you just need to provide enough paperwork. However, North Korean visas cannot be stamped on passports like other countries that are granted a separate sheet of paper and will be taken back when you leave the country. In addition to a visa, you will need to have an entry ticket to North Korea and the travel agency will also take care of this for you.
How much is north korea tour cost?
Everybody when prepare for a trip will think about tour cost because they need to have a plan to spend money in the most effective way. Therefore, it’s easy to understand why many people want to know north korea tour price. Actually, tour cost depends on many criteria for example tour schedule or where you stay during your tour and what will you enjoy in this place. It means that you should ask for help to from a travel agency to calculate how much does a tour to North Korea cost. Depending on your situation and your budget, you can choose a suitable tour to visit North Korea. And, when coming here, don’t forget to buy something such as ginseng to bring back to Vietnam. There is a few chance for people to visit a mysterious country like North Korea so try to explore this country or more exactly don’t waste your time or your chance in North Korea

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