I’m alive and doing ok

By the grace of God, I’m alive and doing ok! A young guy took a corner to fast as he tried to put down his sun visor. He crossed over to my lane hitting my front driver’s tire which folded under and lost control of steering as I was pushed into on coming traffic. I hit the other car head on. As all of the airbags deployed all I could see was smoke and smell something burning. (No idea then it was the smell of the airbags). I was in such a panic, I opened my door slightly and waved my hand for help. One gentlemen yanked my door open and I rolled into a ditch. My car is a total loss. No major injuries to anyone although I am in a ton of pain. The first responders were absolutely wonderful! The good man upstairs was watching out for all of us today!! If you care about plan a trip, Take a look at 


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