Being one of the most famous seaside cities in Vietnam, Danang possesses a seductive "sea" winding bay with many excellent beaches. Besides the name My Khe was too attractive as "one of the six most attractive beaches on the planet," Danang also has another beach also has the beauty of not less than it is Non Nuoc. So where is the resort Non Nuoc beach? Welcome to Viet Fun Travel!
Where is the resort of Non Nuoc beach?
Located in Hoa Hai Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang City, Non Nuoc Beach Resort is one of the most beautiful tourist spots in Da Nang attracts many tourists to visit.
Non Nuoc beach resort is part of Non Nuoc beach stretching over 5km. From above, Non Nuoc sea as a large arc, winding round the corner Ngu Hanh Son. It can be said, along with Ngu Hanh Son, the sea Non Nuoc is a "piece graft" to help the picture Non Nuoc – Ngu Hanh become more complete and perfect. There are mountains, heaven and sea, excellent, so poetry with the scene "painted water charming".


Non Nuoc Beach gently slopes towards the calm, clear, blue sea
Non Nuoc Beach gently slopes towards the calm, clear, blue sea
To reach the Non Nuoc beach resort in Danang, visitors can take the following routes:
If departing from Da Nang International Airport, tourists run along Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard, cross Da Nang Dragon Bridge, next to Vo Van Kiet Boulevard. At the end of Vo Van Kiet Boulevard, visitors turn right to Vo Nguyen Giap coastal road. Tourists go straight to Vo Nguyen Giap road, to Truong Sa. From the beginning of Truong Sa road, visitors will run more than 2km will meet Non Nuoc beach.
If coming from the center of Da Nang city, tourists go along Le Duan Street, passing Han River Bridge. At the roundabout, visitors turn to Pham Van Dong Street. At Pham Van Dong Street, meet a crossroads between Pham Van Dong Street and Vo Nguyen Giap Street, turn right into Vo Nguyen Giap Street.
From here, run all Vo Nguyen Giap, tourists go straight on Changsha. Moving more than 2km from the beginning of Changsha, tourists will travel to Non Nuoc beach resort.
Non Nuoc beach has beautiful white sand and long beautiful
If visitors still have questions and want to know about the pictures of Non Nuoc beach Danang, you can see more article "Photos of Non Nuoc beach Danang". This article not only provides images of Non Nuoc beach but also share many information, know-how and experience of Non Nuoc beach tourism.
How to travel to Non Nuoc beach resort?
Transportation to Non Nuoc beach resort has quite a lot. Guests can choose to rent a motorbike. This is considered a highly active and flexible medium. In Da Nang city, there are many services for renting motorbikes with the price ranging from 100,000 VND to 250,000 VND / car / day depending on the type of car.
When renting motorbikes, besides to Non Nuoc beach resort, tourists can also visit many places in Non Nuoc – Ngu Hanh Son area such as Marble Mountains, Non Nuoc stone carving village …
In addition to motorbikes, visitors can also choose to travel by taxi. If traveling in groups of 3 to 7 people, the Non Nuoc Beach Resort will be the ideal choice. Some cheap taxi companies in Da Nang such as Taxi Mai Linh (0236 3 56 56 56), Taxi VinaSun Green (0236 3 68 68 68), Taxi Tien Sa (0236 3 79 79 79), Song Han Taxi 3 72 72 72) …
Besides touring Non Nuoc beach in the form of self-travel tour is also a good idea. Many travel companies now organize one-day tours of Da Nang (refer to link Da Nang Tour 1 day at http://dulichvietvui.com.vn/cats/tour-du-lich-da-nang -1-ngay.html) Ngu Hanh Son – Non Nuoc beach – Non Nuoc stone carving village vietnambeachholiday.net/travel_news/. These tours are designed with very reasonable schedules, travel packages and meals so visitors do not have to spend a lot of time to find out the way, travel information as self-sufficiency .
Guests can combine Non Nuoc beach tour with Ngu Hanh Son tour and Non Nuoc stone carving village
Compared to the busy My Khe, noisy, as a charming and dynamic "urban girl", the Non Nuoc beach is like a "rural girl" gentle, simple, bring people a sense of calm. average, self. Along with My Khe, the Non Nuoc sea as a contribution to create the color contrast, adorn Da Nang more brilliant, special and lead people.
I hope that the information Viet Fun Travel integrated in the "Non Nuoc beach resort where?" Will help visitors learn about this famous tourist destination as well as how to travel move to here Thank you for visiting the article.

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