If you are looking for a perfect beach with smooth white sand, turquoise water, palm trees swinging in the wind to be the ideal vacation home, Bai Sao is the choice. The more wonderful it is for you.
Can be considered, Bai Sao is the paradise resort – the most famous beach of the beautiful island of Phu Quoc. It is no exaggeration to compare this beach with the resort paradise in the lower world, because of the natural beauty inherent nature that favor it. Let Fareatour explore the beauty of this "heavenly paradise" through the article below and plan your trip right after reading this article!

Bai Sao is the most famous beach in Phu Quoc, about 28 km from Indochina. According to the local guide, the most beautiful time in the star beach is from June to October, this is the rainy season, but the wind is so quiet and calm. According to the people here, the reason is called "Sao Sao" because the place is old, every night when the sunset falls, a black cover the white sand, there are tens of thousands of stars The sea moves into the onshore as well as under water.


Sao Phu Quoc Beach - one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam
Sao Phu Quoc Beach – one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam
So the people here took the name Sao beach to call as a special symbol for this land. Bai Sao has the shape of a comfortable crescent, surrounded by rocks poking out into the sea. When you come here, you will be ecstatic with the wild beauty of the sea with white sand stretching, blue sea throughout the year, is a great place to relax during the summer. Although not yet fully exploited to become a tourist, but here still retain the wild features, innocent as a new girl raised up, is practicing dots at the table. When traveling to Nha Trang, do not forget to explore Bai Sao and bring some souvenirs as gifts, surely this island will collect the best things in your memory.

From Indochina, go south on Tran Hung Dao Street and towards the airport. On Highway 46, continue south about 25 minutes to a bridge. When crossing the bridge, you have set foot in the village of Bai Sao. Bai Sao Village has a small market, cafe … all located on the main road. Continue for about 3 minutes. Look to your left and you will see a large sign "7UP" – that is the entrance of Bai Sao. Turn right and go down the dirt road about 8 – 10 minutes. Near the end of the road you will meet three turns – one falls will take you to the bar on the sea Star, the second falls will take you to GeckoJacks and My Lan resort, and the third will take you to the resort Long Beach vietnambeachholiday.net/tours/nha_trang_da_lat_rafting_mountain_biking.html. All three roads lead to the sea Beach Sao and here you can enjoy the endless beauty of the sea then. Note: The road leading to Ba Sao beach is quite rugged, so you will have to spend some time to go there.

Cat sand in Sao beach is not as yellow as Nha Trang beach sand, or golden brown to brown as Vung Tau sand beach, which is white and smooth as ice cream. The sand is very white and bright, making people think of sand in the Caribbean Sea. Sand in the north near the Paradiso Restaurant is the cleanest and most clean. Far to the south, the sand is coarse and light yellow. Oceans The waters around the beach are very quiet, with little waves, warm water, and with a very special blue color: turquoise. As far as, the water color will be darker. Sand under the sea is also very smooth, no stone, sandy surface is gentle, no slope large. The sea is relatively shallow and the space is very wide (up to 100m), so it is very safe for children and swimmers.

In the ocean, you will see small fish, needle fish and sometimes even small squid. There are also some shellfish (oysters, oysters, shrimp, crabs …) that appear here. At the northern and southern end of the beach there are several coral reef areas and you can dive there. In September and October, many starfish appear near the shore. Thing, you will also see the sea urchin, but here they are rare. What’s in Sao Beach? There are many types of leisure travel when you come here, for example: electric trains, kayaks, kitesurfing, windsurfing, fishing … The best thing here is to lie on lounge chair and sit overlooking the sea in a peaceful space. You can go for walks, up and down the beach and look for crabs, snails, and other small crustaceans. In the far north and south of the beach, you can follow trails created by locals to explore the forest. Or if you and your loved ones want to dive, you can dive near Long Beach.

Dining at Sao Beach has the following dining and eating outlets: – Long Beach Resort & Restaurant: Serving fresh seafood, Vietnamese food, Western food, Russian food and light snacks. – My Lan Resort & Restaurant: Fresh Seafood, Western Food, NGA Food and Snacks – Jack’s Gecko: Fresh Seafood, Western Food, NGA Food and Snacks – Paradiso Restaurant: fresh seafood, Western food, NGA food and snacks – Ai Si Bungalow: fresh seafood and Vietnamese food.

Taxi cost from Duong Dong town: 400.000VND One way – Taxi cost from airport: 300.000VND One way – Small car from Duong Dong town to Bai Sao and back: 40,000 VND per person (limited) – Motorcycle taxi from Indochina to Bai Sao: 150,000 one way – Pharmacy: There are 2 pharmacies on the main street, namely Buu Chau Pharmacy, and Quoc Hieu Pharmacy – In An Thoi town – ATMs at Bai Sao are not yet available, however you can use the credit card to pay for services in the beach resort.

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