Hanoi is a street food paradise. If there are 48 hours in Hanoi, explore this paradise with dishes for all three meals: morning, noon and evening. That’s the South China Morning Post.

Follow any route in this vibrant city of Hanoi you will encounter the motorcycles, cars, bicycles … downstream, but do not be afraid, during peak hours when you are stuck, you will easily Find a pavement cafe or colorful and extremely attractive cafes filled with ‘mysterious’ Vietnamese food. In the restaurant are people who have just cooked, served, and guests are enjoying the food and drinks are displayed on the bowls, colorful dishes, which exemplify the cuisine here.

With a long menu of dishes in Hanoi enough to spend two weeks to explore without repeating dishes. And if there is a route from Ha Long to Sa Pa, you can spend two days between this journey to discover the culinary heaven of Vietnam in the heart of Hanoi.

The first day

Breakfast: Pho

Pho is the world famous dish of Vietnam, and in Hanoi is also a favorite dish. In Hanoi, there are usually two types of pho that are served with beef or chicken noodle soup. A delicious bowl of pho, including noodles, chanel sauce from the bone or chicken, sprinkle a little fragrant herbs bring smell to serve customers.

Hanoi cuisine is diverse and rich
Hanoi cuisine is diverse and rich

If you go around the West Lake, you come to Tu Hung Hung at 164 Yen Phu, famous for beef noodle, beef duck, thin sliced ​​beef and very soft meat. Enjoying with crispy crust will be the best.

Vietnam is one of the three largest coffee exporters in the world. Finding a good coffee shop in Hanoi is relatively easy, but to enjoy the special drinks made from coffee, you can try with egg coffee. Mix fresh sweet egg mixed with coffee aroma cool, drink a dark coffee or use with little rock.

This famous coffee shop in Hanoi is Giang Giang Café located in a small alley at 39 Nguyen Huu Huan Street. To get there, you will have to walk through a narrow alley in Hanoi’s Old Quarter, as seen in the Hong Kong movie Wong Kar Wai with timeless walls, pots and plants. Wooden benches are low. Cafe reminiscent of ancient times and often crowded.

Regular dinners serve the laborers living in the city. There are a lot of dishes that are cooked daily and are processed in an unobtrusive way. There are many popular restaurants but we introduce a New Day at 72 Ma May. If you want to see the chefs cook and set up, go to the side, note the dish should be called by your taste and you will soon be served. Eat sour rice and add a cup of vegetable juice to drink.

Dinner: Chicken Street

In the past few years, Ly Van Phuc street in Hanoi was known locally as well as foreigners called Pho Street, with grilled chicken and chicken legs. If the street looks dormant at daybreak, the sidewalk will be filled with charcoal pans, trays of marinated marinated chicken slices, and sliced ​​bread Bees will be prepared to serve guests.

Grilled chicken cooked with yellow skin, diners can choose chicken leg, breast, wings, thighs … with sauce and watermelon fried sweet potatoes. However, the new honey bread is the heart of the dish, the slice of toast is the rest of the French legacy in Vietnam.

In dozens of restaurants on this street, two grilled chicken barbecue Binh Minh and Grilled Chicken Quynh Nga is a good suggestion for you.


Breakfast: Xoi

Sticky rice is a dish made from sticky rice. Rolled rice is usually served for breakfast, such as rice noodles, rice noodles, coconut sticky rice, sticky rice, coconut sticky rice, sticky rice gac … or just plain white rice with pork ribs, pork, pate, chicken, eggs … sprinkle Add some green beans and dried onions. The breakfast is really attractive but fast, so if you want to discover other dishes of Hanoi do not call too much. The famous rice paddies in Hanoi are located at 44 Cau Go Street, or Xoi Ba Trong at 146 Quan Thanh Street, which is about 40 years old.

Perhaps the bun is not the most famous dish of Hanoi on the map of the world cuisine since President Barack Obama to enjoy the traditional food of Hanoi during a visit to Vietnam in 2016 at Bun Cha Huong Lien 36 Le Van Huu; And recently, after the suicide of celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, Obama posted a photo of two diners at a restaurant to commemorate the chef on his Twitter page.

A serving of pork (boiled meat or pork chopped into chopped pork or grilled parmesan) is served in a bowl with a mixture of sauces of fish sauce, vinegar and sugar, green and carrots, bring the flavor of the dish. Accompanying food is vermicelli and raw vegetables, including a variety of spices typical northern vegetables such as pineapple, coriander, lettuce, perilla, business …

Fried noodles are a popular dish in Hanoi hanoitravelguides.com/hanoi-cuisine including noodles made from pork skewered in a small fried sticky rice, served hot with fried potatoes. Dishes are great companions of a cool beer.

Fried noodles can be found at Tram Lane, Hang Bong Street. As soon as the sun goes down, this small alley is often crowded with locals and diners, and fried nem fried at the 40 Tram Tong Street is one of the most popular dishes of all time.

The best dessert for you is served at the beginning of Hang Than – Nguyen Truong To Street, you gradually enjoy the sweetness of dessert made of eggs, milk and melted sugar.

Served on a small plastic dish, the caramel looks real with the white cream covered with a layer of sugar-colored cockroach, which is steamed instead of cooked in a way like its French brothers. Caramel is also the perfect sweet food for the wet days of Hanoi.

At Duong Hoa Caramel on 29 Hang Than Street, opened in 1995, also serves many desserts such as mango ice cream, mango tea, homemade yogurt and coconut cream.

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