BECAUSE I DO HAVE RESPECT FOR MY FRIEND , I will clarify some shit for everyone

BECAUSE I DO HAVE RESPECT FOR MY FRIEND , I will clarify some shit for everyone. My last few statuses about fake love are not for the people who loved , knew , and cared about Imani , it is for the people who lied about her and now are posting statuses like they’re heart broken she’s gone , the ones Who bad mouthed her and now are remorseful and want to heal their own guilt , for the ones who never said not one word to her but because they went to school are claiming they were best friends. These are the people I am addressing not the friends who lost touch , or moved and just stopped speaking , or the ones who had their own shit going on and just couldn’t be there for her. Its the for the ones who show fake love KNOWING they really don’t have any feelings for the passing of my best friend , and before I try to fight everyone because they are mislead. Here is the meaning , reason , and truth about my posts. Idgaf if you like it , but respect it , and if you’re all mad and pissed off about this this applies to you. DO NOT INBOX ME asking for information about anything that has to do with her if you find yourself feeling this applies to you. Because you wouldn’t feel that way if it wasn’t true . thank you for your respects but this is a time of grieving and nobody wants the bullshit. So just stop. Period.

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